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Idaho 9 Dog Leash
Idaho 9 Dog Leash

Idaho 9 Dog Leash

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Can you name the nine mtns in Idaho  taller than 12,000 feet? Have you hiked them all? Artist Sydni Day drew inspiration from the majestic peaks for our latest collaboration.  Sydni is an avid hiker and the time she spends hiking fuels her creative passion.  Each of the nine peaks in this design we done with pen & ink and watercolors. 

We hope that the designs inspire you and your dog to seek adventures in the mtns. 

We encourage you to check out Sydni's work on her Instagram

Be sure to click on the product close-up to fully appreciate the level of detail with this pattern.

The four foot leash is a great length for those in town walks when you want to keep your friend close at hand. The six foot leash is a handy length for those walks when you want to give your friend a bit more room to roam yet still maintain control. 

Mtn Straps dog leashes are made with premium clips.

 MTN Straps dog leashes are crafted with pride in the shadows of the Bridger Mtn Range in Bozeman, Montana. 

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