Brand Ambassadors


Mtn Straps is always on the lookout for savvy & fun-loving brand ambassadors. While we like to see a strong social media presence, we also look a little deeper too. We have ambassadors with less than 500 followers.  Do you work on or for a mtn?  Are you a ski instructor, ski patrol, or mtn host? Or are you living in your van and eating Top Ramen so you can ski every day?

What’s your story? Tell it to us like we are riding a chairlift together.   

Some of the basics we consider…

*How many days did you ski last year? So far this year?

*Where do you do most of your skiing?

*Are you the kind of person who stops to assist someone that just had a yard sale under the chairlift?

*Does the content you post on Instagram and other social media channels indicate that skiing is your number one winter passion? (it’s ok if beer is #1)

*We don’t need blatant product placement, yet we do like to see Mtn Straps somewhere in the posts from time to time and a tag never hurts.

*Powder, corduroy, or ice?

Talk to us.  Drop a note to