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Getting your strap on.

Ski pole grips come with two primary methods of strap pole strap attachment and two primary methods of securing the ski pole straps.  Vertical or horizontal. Plastic pin or screw. 

Vertical ski pole straps generally use plastic/metal pins  which can be pushed out with a cold punch or small philips head screw driver. Horizontal ski pole straps generally use a screw. Remember left to loosen, right to tighten. 

After removing  the pin/screw and your old ski pole straps assure you have the hole in center of grommet of new straps aligned with screw/pin to assure solid connection when reattaching.

Tips for vertical slots with Pins; Watch those plastic pins when you take them out. They inevitably roll under some tough to reach spot. A trick when reinserting them is to moisten them slightly so they slide in smoothly. In addition, insert one strap so buckle is on left, insert other so buckle is on right. Most users prefer to use poles with buckles to inside when putting straps on.

Tips for horizonal slots with screw;  When reattaching your new ski pole straps, assure the piece with the buckle is on the bottom. When threading the other end of strap through the buckle put a half twist in straps before inserting. This will allow the strap to lay smoother under your glove or mittens.

Stumped on just how to do this? Visit your local ski retailer. Not only will they be able to provide insights, it's a great time to buy those goggles you've wanted for a while now.

About Us

Mountain Born.

All Mtn Straps products are handcrafted with pride right here in the shadows of the Bridger Mtns in Bozeman Montana. We hand-cut, hand sew, hand-punch, and hand-pack every strap that leaves our shop. From our hands to yours. From our Mtns to yours, these straps are designed by skiers, to be enjoyed by skiers.

Our History

Call us crazy. Yet after decades of looking at black ski pole straps it just seemed that the world had suffered enough of a single-color choice when it comes to ski pole straps.  Life is too short for boring.

Call us crazy. Yet after over three decades in the outdoor industry working with two of the top names in first, cycling, then in fishing, I chucked the 9 to -5 routine to work from 6 a.m. till 12 p.m. Life is too short to get in a rut.  

Call us crazy. Yet after working with those great brands, I was ready to go back to the beginning. All the way back. Back to the garage. Back to taking a concept to reality. Back to betting my own money on every expense. Back to standing at farmers markets to interact with customers face-to-face so we can hear feedback, learn, and share the stoke. Life is too short to get complacent.

Call us crazy. Yet if the blue light is flashing and Bridger Bowl has gotten more than 6 inches of fresh snow we’ll get up at 5 a.m. to pack orders. Hit the Mtn at opening, ski till 3. Then come home and make more straps.  Life is too short not to grab those special days.

So yes, you can call us crazy, yet we believe we have a great product that will bring people great service and enjoyment. So, join the fun, get a little crazy and get rid of those boring black straps on your ski poles. Life is too short not to be having fun and smiling.

Retailer? You bet, we'd love to set you up to share the stoke with your customers.  Drop us a line. We can hook you up quickly.

Are you part of a ski club, team, or organization? Talk to us about our fundraising packages featuring ski pole straps with your logo, name, or design. We're excited to help you raise funds, especially if it gets more kids skiing.

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Interested in becoming an ambassador?

Talk to us.

Mtn Straps is always on the lookout for savvy & fun loving brand ambassadors. Yes, we like to see a strong social media presence, yet we also look a little deeper too. Do you work on or for a mtn?  Are you a ski instructor, ski patrol, or mtn host? Or are you living in your van and eating Top Ramen so you can ski every day?

Some of the basics we consider…

*A huge Instagram following isn’t a requirement, yet it certainly helps.

*Does the content you post on Instagram and other social media channels indicate that skiing is your number one winter passion? (it’s ok if     beer is #1)

*Are you the kind of person who stops to assist someone that just had a yard sale under the chairlift?

*We don’t need blatant product placement, yet we do like to see Mtn Straps somewhere in the posts from time to time and a tag never hurts.

*Powder, corduroy, or ice?

*How many days did you ski last year? So far this year?

*Where do you do most of your skiing?

What’s your story? Tell it to us like we are riding a chairlift together.   Drop a note to

Ski Safer

Skiing is inherently dangerous. Take steps to make yourself safer.

Unfortunately, the sport of skiing we love so much can be dangerous. Accidents and injuries happen. You can reduce the chance of being injured by removing your pole straps from wrists when getting on, riding, and dismounting all lifts. When skiing powder many advise to remove your pole straps from wrists to reduce the chance of injury should your pole snag on a branch or other hazard.   When skiing in conditions where avalanches are possible many suggest that  removing straps from wrists reduces chance of entrapment should you be caught in a slide. Be aware, be safe, and enjoy the MTNs.