Strap Instructions

Alpine ski pole grips come with two primary methods of pole strap attachment and two primary methods of securing the pole straps.  Vertical or horizontal slots. Plastic pin or screw. 

Tips for poles with vertical slots with pins.

Ski pole with vertical slots for the straps generally use plastic/metal pins which can be pushed out with a cold punch, dull nail, or a small philips-head screw driver. As you can see in the first image above, the plastic pin resembles a nail with a head on one side.  When removing pin, push from the "pointy" side. 

After removing the pin and your old ski pole straps, assure you have the hole in center of grommet of new straps aligned with hole in grips & the pin to assure solid connection when reattaching. Gentle tap the pin back in place with a hammer. If it doesn't seem to be going in, recheck that hole in grommet is aligned with holes and the pin. 

Watch those plastic pins when you take them out. They inevitably roll under some tough to reach spot. A trick when reinserting them is to moisten them slightly so they slide in smoothly. In addition, insert one strap so buckle is on left on one grip, insert other so buckle is on right on other grip. Most users prefer to use poles with buckles to inside when putting straps on.

Tips for poles with horizontal slots with screw.

Ski poles with a horizontal openings for straps generally use a screw to retain the strap. Changing these out is rather straight forward. Remember lefty to loosen, righty to tighten. After removing the screw and your old pole straps assure you have the grommet in new strap centered with hole for the screw to assure solid connection, then tighten the screw.  When reattaching your new ski pole straps, we recommend that the piece with the buckle is the lower strap. Then when threading the long of strap through the buckle put a half twist in straps when inserting in the buckle. This will allow the strap to lay smoother under your glove or mittens. See note below on suggestions on threading webbing through buckle.

Tips for threading webbing through buckle

Tips for threading webbing through buckle; The Mtn Straps material is considered  “photo quality”. This is a finer weave of webbing in order to take our more intricate ink patterns.  We find that threading the tail of the strap up through the bottom opening (1) and then up through the top opening (2) reduces the chance of the webbing slipping.

Length of straps;

One of the most common question we get is about the length of our straps. Note that this image shows the measurement  starting “roughly” where the strap would come out of the grip. This will vary slightly depending on your grip brand/style. 

Still stumped on just how to install your straps? Visit your local ski retailer. Not only will they be able to provide insights, it's a great time to buy those goggles you've wanted for a while now.