Mtn Born.


All Mtn Straps products are handcrafted with pride right here in the shadows of the Bridger Mtns in Bozeman Montana. From our hands to yours. From our mtns to yours. Our pet products & ski pole straps are designed and built to stand up to all the mtn adventures you and your four-legged friends enjoy.

Our history.

The genesis for Mtn Straps came years ago when our daughter was teaching skiing and frustrated that her students were constantly getting their ski poles mixed up since they all look the same. The concept of changing out the straps to a patterned webbing struck me one day while riding the chair lift.

That concept sat in my head for over a decade.

Finally in 2017 I started tinkering in my shop with the concept, building some rough prototypes, fitting them to poles, and subjecting them to repeated field testing.  We officially launched Mtn Straps late in the year.

Celebrating a great day of skiing Big Sky with a cold beer at Beehive Basin Brewery I noticed the amazing art on the bartender’s hat and asked her if she knew the artist.  Bartender and artist were one in the same. From that chance meeting, Heather Rapp became our first contributing artist spurring our ever evolving and growing line. Other artists soon followed.

People loved the fun patterns on our webbing. The bright and colorful patterns sparked many conversations on chairlift rides and showed us we were on the right path.  Several friends asked us to craft custom collars and leashes for their four-legged adventure buddies.  We love dogs, so we had lots of fun making them rugged collars and leashes for their mtn adventures.

We’re blessed to live and work in a community that is passionate about dogs, skiing, the outdoors, art, and great products.  Assort those five key elements in whatever order you’d like. The end result is a fantastic mix and catalyst for fun.

We have much appreciation for the friends and retailers who’ve encouraged us and joined us on this adventure. We wake up each morning excited for what’s ahead.

If you’re a retailer interested in bringing in our products, drop us a line. We’ll get you set up quickly.

Are you part of an organization that helps rescue dogs or gets more kids skiing? Talk to us about our fundraising packages featuring products with your logo, name, or design.


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