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Replacement straps for ski poles. Mary Jane, Weed, 420
Mary Jane Ski Pole Straps

Mary Jane Ski Pole Straps

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Honey put on that party dress!  Your ski poles will start groovin when you install these fun Mary Jane ski pole straps. It's not even close to time for the last dance...

Skiers in CO, CA, WA, MA, OR, ME, & NV all enjoy the chance to ski at a higher level. Legally.

MTN Straps ski pole straps are crafted with pride in the shadows of the Bridger Mtn Range in Bozeman, Montana.

MTN Straps ski pole replacement straps are designed with a 1/2 inch insertion section to accommodate fit in most ski pole grips. They feature a 3/16 grommet opening through which your original ski pole grip retaining screw or pin will fit.

Suitable ski pole strap replacement for most (yet not all) Scott ski poles, Rossignol ski poles, K2 ski poles, Kerma ski poles, Komperdell ski poles. Please see our informational instructions on replacing your ski pole straps.

Price is per pair.



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