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Bridger Avy Dog Leash
Bridger Avy Dog Leash

Bridger Avy Dog Leash

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We've been skiing Bridger Bowl 42 years. The only thing more amazing than the terrain is the ski patrol. They are up before dawn each day to check conditions and mitigate avalanches so we can rip our favorite chutes. Working side by side with them is a team of highly trained avalanche dogs ready to respond at a moment’s notice for search and rescue work.  These dogs and their handlers train year-round. While the dogs may work for ear rubs & treats, their handler’s foot the bill for kibble, shots, certifications, and vet visits. 

So we teamed up with artist Emily Harnden Turnage to create beautiful Bridger Bowl Avy Dog leashes with 100% of the profits to be donated to the Bridger Ski Patrol to assist with expenses associated with the dogs. Emily (@turnedesign) is a graphic artist and designer based out of Bozeman, MT. Her inspiration comes from the mountains and natural colorful environment she does her best to immerse herself in as much as possible. 

Emily also happens to be the mom to two Bridger Bowl Avalanche Dogs: Erna, who is now retired, and Otis, who is doing his best to fill Erna’s shoes on the Bridger Bowl Avy Dog team.

Knowing these dogs and their handlers are always on the lookout for our safety brings us a lot of comfort on those blower days when the snow is nuking we're hitting our favorite lines among the trees.

Be sure to click on the product close-up to fully appreciate the level of detail with this "Bridger Avy Dog" pattern.

The four-foot leash is a great length for those in town walks when you want to keep your friend close at hand. The six-foot leash is a handy length for those walks when you want to give your friend a bit more room to roam yet still maintain control. 

Mtn Straps dog leashes are made with premium clips.

 MTN Straps dog leashes are crafted with pride in the shadows of the Bridger Mtn Range in Bozeman, Montana.